23rd May 2022
Böhler Areal

Nidus is invited to hold a lecture in the series "RoofTopTalks".

Architecture has the potential to go beyond mere functional fulfilment and promote a change in awareness in society: for the preservation of valuable building fabric that has not been treated with particular appreciation for many years. This is particularly evident in the numerous buildings of the post-war period: mostly built with scarce economic resources. Built to fulfil acute needs without the long-term perspective of serving several generations. Far removed from the energy standards of our time and often not particularly carefully maintained. It requires sensitivity and courage to dedicate oneself to the building stock of the 1950s, to recognise values and to upgrade the houses functionally, architecturally and energetically in such a way that they offer new qualities of living for a long time to come.

Two examples from Düsseldorf and Münster show how unbiased, imaginative and courageous the next generation is when it comes to revitalising these houses: Ana Vollenbroich and Annelen Schmidt-Vollenbroich from Nidus present the sensitive renovation and roof space extension of Bruno Lambart's first residential building in Düsseldorf. And Kilian Kresing from Kresings demonstrates with the raspberry-red building envelope of a 1950s residential building in Münster demonstrates a bold change of perspective on the often underestimated building fabric of this period.

The venue also has it all: in the newly opened restaurant Les Halles on the Areal Böhler, the industrial ambience of the 1920s meets a modern sustainability concept that applies not only to the architecture but also to the catering.