"Now what?"

9th Jun 2022
Nidus Architecture Gallery

Please join us for the talk "Now what?"

The exhibition “Now what?” portrays places in Dusseldorf that can be similarly be found in many German cities and whose future is uncertain. Whether opera or art academy, all places and buildings are the focus of public debate.

In conversation with Cornelia Zuschke and Dr. Jürgen Tietz current topics such as the conversion of existing housing stock, building culture and how it affects the identification with a city and the development of inner cities in general are being tackled

Cornelia Zuschke
Councilor for planning,
Building and living in the city of Düsseldorf

Dr. Jürgen Tietz
Architecture critic, author, journalist

Ana Vollenbroich + Annelen Schmidt-Vollenbroich, Nidus