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Introduction of Nidus first furniture collection

Nidus table3 volker conradus

Nidus is launching its first furniture collection. Often, but not always unique pieces or ready-mades, all objects arise from Nidus' own architectural projects. Each piece continues to carry on the story of a building, filling other spaces with the life and soul of another physical place.

Everything started with a Leitz folder. For the handover of House Bruno Lambart Nidus was expecting protocols, old rental agreements, perhaps a few static calculations from the 1950s.

Instead, they were being given the most careful ink drawings, from the facade to the holder for Bruno Lambart‘s drawing scroll. Overwhelmed by Bruno‘s love for every detail in his house, Nidus also wanted to continue to tell the stories of their houses beyond the architecture, almost like a miniature that retains the place and captures its essence.

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Of course, the first piece of the collection is derived from House Bruno Lambart - a floor lamp that was immortalised in the legendary photograph of the establishment of his office. Just as this first piece, all other pieces of the collection too, originate from one of the architectural projects.

Take for example the table lamp, made from drill cores from the former fittings factory, which was subsequently turned into Nidus‘ office space. Sankt Göres‘ special floor plan of a duplex house is now manifested in the first carpet, the uncompromised and distinct setup and cycle-oriented construction of the Kreuzberghof inspired the sofa collection as well as the quilted plaid.

From now on the Nidus furniture collection will continue to grow project by project.

Nidus floor lamp3 volker conradus
Nidus bruno lambart nidus
Bruno Lambart and his colleagues, around 1955. The picture shows his floor lamp, designed for the house in Düsseldorf.