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The third exhibition shows six different photographic positions on urbanity in transition. „Now what?“ circles around places in Düsseldorf, representative of most post-war German cities whose future is uncertain.

Whether opera house or the art academy, all chosen places and buildings are the focus of public debate. The future scenarios that have partly already been visualized blur the lines between today and tomorrow.

For this exhibition, explicitly only photographers were selected that are not familiar with Düsseldorf to gain an unbiased artistic glance at the city and the places in discussion. With a focus on existing situations, the exhibition raises questions about the appropriateness of intervention and the social relevance of these places in the future taking into account their historical background.

The exhibition is part of the Düsseldorf Photo+ program.

Nidus exhibition view now what1
Exhibition View at the Architecture Gallery, Dusseldorf

The exhibition is accompanied by a conversation with Cornelia Zuschke and Dr. Jürgen Tietz about current topics such as the conversion of existing housing stock, building culture and how it affects the identification with a city and the development of inner cities in general.

Cornelia Zuschke
Councilor for planning,
Building and living in the city of Düsseldorf

Dr. Jürgen Tietz
Architecture critic, author, journalist

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Contributing works and photographers

Nidus now what
Opera House Düsseldorf, Photographer Sebastian Schels, Munich

Sebastian Schels (*1981) is a freelance photographer and lives in Munich. His photographic work deals with the documentation of architecture, urban living spaces and landscape. Sebastian studied architecture and photography at the Munich University of Applied Sciences.

Nidus now what2
St. Hildegards by architect Gottfried Böhm, Photographers: Schnepp Renou, Berlin Paris

Their imagery is one, but they are two. Simon Schnepp (*1983) and Morgane Renou (*1988) have been taking photographs with a camera since 2012, with an artistic concept focusing on architectural, interior and documentary photography. Their pictures are objective, reduced and at the same time filled with as much life as the image section allows. With studios in Berlin, Paris and Marseille, Schnepp Renou work for magazines, agencies, architects and curators worldwide. Their work is shown in galleries and museums across Europe and is represented in various collections.

Nidus now what3
Bergische Kaserne, Photographer: Thilo Rohländer, Dortmund

Thilo Rohländer (*1992) lives and works as an architect and self-employed photographer in Dortmund. While studying architecture at the TU Dortmund, he deepened his engagement with the built environment through photography, which often plays a role in his work. He is a lecturer at the TU Dortmund University in the Department of Building Construction.

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Karstadt on Wehrhahn, Photographer: Annika Feuss, Cologne

Annika Feuss (*1985) lives in Cologne and has been working worldwide as a freelance architectural and interior photographer since 2011. After graduating from high school in 2004, she worked as an assistant to the Düsseldorf architectural photographer Ralph Richter. She then began studying photo design at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences. She received her diploma in 2011 with her award-winning work “Unter Berlin” about the Berlin subway. She is a member of the Federal Association of Architectural Photography (BVAF).

Nidus now what4
Academy of Fine Arts, Photographer: Franziska Krieck, Antwerp

Franziska Krieck (*1975) is a German photographer working in Antwerp. She studied architecture at the Bauhaus in Weimar, whose ideals of “combining architecture as a total work of art with the other arts” form the focus of her work. She photographs museums, monuments and architecture of art historical value. Franziska Krieck works with artists, curators and galleries to present their work and exhibitions. She teaches architectural photography at the universities of Antwerp and Hasselt, BE.

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Main Station Düsseldorf, Photographen: Philip Heckhausen, Zurich

Philip Heckhausen (*1979) is a self-employed architectural photographer. He studied architecture at the Berlin University of the Arts, worked as an architect in Berlin, Basel, Paris and Zurich and worked as a teaching assistant in the Department of Architecture at ETH Zurich. His photographs of European cities were shown in an exhibition co-curated with Caruso St John Architects at the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale. Park Books recently published a book about Europaallee in Zurich with two photo series that contextualize the newly created district within the city's structure.

Dr. Jürgen Tietz

Jürgen Tietz (*1964) studied art history, classical archeology and prehistory and early history after training as a bookseller. He received his doctorate with a thesis on the “Tannenberg National Monument”. He lives as a writer in Berlin. In his journalistic texts he deals with the city, architecture and monument preservation.

Nidus exhibition view now what3

All works are the intellectual property of the photographers.
Portraits credits:

1 - Sebastian Schels
2 - Inga Krumme
3 - Thilo Rohländer
4 - Annika Feuss
5 - Franziska Krieck
6 - Desiree Good