This sofa table saved from an old glass painting studio is the perfect conclusion to the collection. Formerly used in a glass mosaic workshop, these tables hold stories of the past and have been witness to the most beautiful glass painting creations that are now integrated in architectures all over the world. Rumor has it, even the Vatican's glass mosaics were designed here on these tables. What could better conclude our collection than such emotionally enriched items that show how beautiful an aged piece of furniture can look, how its use can change over the years, how it can convey the passages of time and help create a grounding atmosphere in any setting. Needless to say, these tables are unique pieces, each one telling a different story, bringing something else to the table.

Nidus table volker conradus
Group 2 Chapters


Dimensions Unique piece, ca. 55 x 207 x 106 cm
Design around 1950, unknown Designer
Production Handcrafted in Düsseldorf, Germany
Material different wood types with signs of use
Project Mosaic Workshop
Price 3.000,– EUR

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