Our project Fittings Factory is an abandoned factory from the 1950's which we revived and turned into an office space. Most of the industrial roughness of the building was preserved and combined with warm materials such as oak wood and linen to give the place a good balance between cool and soft. The same goes for our table lamp; the drill cores, taken from the newly embedded staircase, in their typical cylindrical form were used as the lamp stands and are counter parted with soft linen lamp shades in a strictly linear form.

Nidus table lamp2 volker conradus
Group 2 Chapters


Dimensions Unique piece, 28 x 28 x 38 cm
Design Nidus, 2023
Production Handcrafted in Düsseldorf, Germany
Lamp Shade 100% natural linen, undyed
Base Frame Drill core, concrete
Project Fittings Factory
Price 750,– EUR

Made to order on a 8 week lead time.

We deliver most items worldwide, working with a specialised carrier. We also provide assembly and mounting services for deliveries within Germany, quote on request. Please send us a request via the "Order Now" button, we will get back to you with an individual offer shortly.


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