Otto Church

The building in Ottostrasse is a former church building that was constructed in 1977 by the architect Hermann Rauch. It is located in a residential area with a cobblestone paved street and is surrounded by Wilhelminian-style apartment blocks. At the end of the road the nature sanctuary begins.

Nidus ottochurch title
Group 2 Chapters


Location Dusseldorf, Germany
Size 450 sqm
Year of Construction 1977, 2023 – 2024
Status current
Photograph Rudolf Schingerlin


The building will be remodeled and extensively renovated while stylistic elements will be preserved. The centrepiece of the building is the two-storey nave with a gallery and beautiful stained glass windows. In future, the room will continue to be at the centre of Nidus' use as an office, exhibition and event space.

With the 1970's, Nidus will tackle a new decade to refurbish. Being marked by social upheaval, revolts and the first comprehensive desire for an open-minded and tolerant society the 1970's architecture is somewhat rougher than the decades before: the memorable concept of Brutalism, expressive forms, concrete and brick characterised not only church buildings but also all other typologies, worldwide.

In summer 2024, Nidus will open the doors to a new chapter in the Otto Church.

When researching typical 1970's church buildings, especially those that blend into the urban fabric like residential buildings there is no overlooking the world-famous architect Gottfried Böhm with his expressive brutalist concrete and brick buildings. There is a beautiful website documenting his oeuvre, if you would like to learn more.

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