Theodor + Friederike

The perfect example of the versatility and timeless beauty of Wilhelminian Style Architecture. Two houses formerly built for doctors of the nearby diaconia in 1912, which had been modified and reused over the years are now home to two families again after the original details and floor plans have been restored once again.

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Group 2 Chapters


Location Dusseldorf, Germany
Size 600 sqm
Year of Construction 1880, 1912, 2019 – 2022
Status completed + sold
Photography Volker Conradus, Annika Feuss


Theodor and Friederike owe their names to the two founders of the Kaiserswerth Diakonie, Theodor and Friederike Fliedner, who established the world's first deaconess institution in Kaiserswerth to improve nursing care. The concept of deaconry was copied worldwide and still makes an important contribution to social, educational and health care today. As a matter of fact, Florence Nightingale’s career had its origins here in Kaiserswerth where she did her apprenticeship under the leadership of Theodor Fliedner.

The ensemble was initially designed as a modest residential building in 1880 and later expanded into a large duplex ensemble in 1912. Particularly noteworthy are the impressive staircases and the naturalness and longevity of the original building structure, which can only be found in townhouses from the turn of the century.

The spaciousness and versatility of the floor plans could easily be preserved or restored to the original layout.

Style-defining elements, such as classic checkerboard tiles in the entrance hall, natural oak windows and the restored original staircases take up the focus of the design in an otherwise intentionally restrained design concept with a focus on natural and sustainable materials.

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