Dortmund Architecture Days

11th Nov 2022
Technical University

Nidus was invited to hold a lecture at the Dortmund Architecture Days 2022.

The Dortmund Architecture Days 2022 will take place on Friday, November 11th, 2022 in the NRW Building Art Archive in Dortmund on the topic of ›permanence and circulation‹.

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For the 2020 Dortmund Architecture Days, we asked: 'Utopia, ideal or apocalypse? What drives the architectural discipline, what does architecture tell us in times of depleted energy reserves and algorithmic dreams of big data and the digitally controlled city? Climate change and the scarcity of resources have come to a head as epochal issues in the meantime and seem to be radically redefining the profession of architecture and urban planning. Or is it actually about reclaiming original attitudes towards nature and life and thus also about holistic and long-term techniques in dealing with space and building? Permanence and circulation: opposites or complementary strategies? in the interdisciplinary context of the 'Dortmund Model', we are asking about constants, expansions and paradigm shifts for the architectural profession and thus in particular about their consequences for a relevant theory of architecture today. in three rounds of talks, we want to explore the field of tension between opposing theses, observations and exemplary projects.