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In a time of moving images and the speed of information – what role does the book play, especially one about architecture? Once celebrated as a technical achievement that should last five hundred years, the book is now at a point where it remains to be seen whether and how it can continue to assert itself as a cultural asset and survive with future generations in the waves of digitalization, or whether it will disappear.

100 people from architecture, design, art and culture lend their favorite book on architecture to this exhibition, based on the question: what is moving about this book, why do you keep reaching for it, what connection do you have, what does it remind you of or where does it take you personally?

The exhibition is being shown in cooperation with Oliver Jahn, design journalist, consultant and, last but not least, long-time editor-in-chief of AD Architectural Digest, at the Nidus Architecture Gallery in Düsseldorf.

Nidus ricardo bofill
Book chosen by architect Samuel Lundberg

Contributors (selection)

A Series of Rooms
Andreas Murkudis
Dorte Mandrup
Faye Toogood
Fala Atelier
Felix Krämer
Florian Illies
Franka Hoernschemeyer
John Pawson
Matteo Thun
Marlene Taschen
Martha Thorne
Philipp Keel
Pierre Yovanovitch
Regula Lüscher
Roger Boltshauser
Rosa Modersohn
Samuel Lundberg
Studio Oink
Thomas Kröger
Vincent Van Duysen

Nidus book covers
Books chosen by Roger Boltshauser and Jean-Pascal Flavien
Notes houses in books

Oliver Jahn (*1970) works as a freelance design and cultural journalist, consultant and curator.

From 2007 to the beginning of 2023 he worked at AD Architectural Digest, from 2011 to 2020 as editor-in-chief of the German AD, since then he has also been responsible for the brand internationally as Deputy Global Editorial Director.

Oliver Jahn studied linguistics and literature as well as philosophy in Saarbrücken and Kiel. Before his time at AD, he worked at Suhrkamp Verlag in Frankfurt and as an editor for the art magazine Monopol in Berlin. He lives among 30,000 books in a house in the countryside near Munich.

Nidus portrait oliver jahn
Oliver Jahn, Portrait: René Fietzek

Of course, there has to be a book about these books. It will be published in spring 2024 at Park Books Zurich

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Nidus exhibitionview housesinbooks1
Exhibition View in the Architecture Gallery, Summer 2023, Photo: Annika Feuss