Nidus on German Design


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Girls Club - DECO Home asked Nidus about German design. Together with other creative women from design, architecture and production, who design with power, poetry and a sense of precision, the article can be found in the 02/2024 magazine.

Interview by Lilian Ingenkamp

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In your opinion, where does German design stand in international comparison?

If we think of the Bauhaus or the designs of Dieter Rams for Braun, Jil Sander in fashion or Schinkel in architecture, and look at international design today, you can feel the influence in almost all areas. German design is progressive in a restrained way and triggers long-term trends.

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Do Germans have a sense of style?

Absolutely! We would describe German style as poetic clarity. German style is subtle, perfectionist, focussed on high-quality materials. We have a unique feeling for things that become more beautiful over time.

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What is special about German design?

German design stands for clarity, functionality and durability. German design is not trendy, what we develop here has been put through its paces and is of a high quality that lasts a long time. It is not for nothing that "Made in Germany" is still an absolute seal of quality today.

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