With the project Kreuzberghof, Nidus is setting new standards in the redensification of our cities: The rear building is entirely made of wood and the work on this project has deepened Niuds' dedication to the topic of building structures that can overcome time. This Quilt is a reflection of the explorations in this project. Each quilt is made of waste fabrics from the own projects and therefore a unique piece. The pattern of the quilt is derived from the floor plans of the Kreuzberghof, adaptable and suited for all stages of life. Just like the project itself, this plaid shall be a companion for all kinds of situations and life phases, be it an extravagant bedspread, a cosy blanket or an elaborate tapestry for your wall.

Nidus quilt volker conradus
Group 2 Chapters


Dimensions ca. 220 x 180 cm
Design Nidus x Nadine Göpfert, 2023
Production Handcrafted in Düsseldorf, Germany
Cushioning Re-used waste fabrics, mostly natural fibres
Project Kreuzberghof
Price 3.000,– EUR

This item is a unique piece. 2 items in stock, one in blue and one in red.

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This Quilt is a reflection of Nidus` explorations on bringing sustainability to a next level in the project Kreuzberghof. 

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