Architecture Gallery

This small store with a very specific layout was converted into Dusseldorf’s first architecture gallery and became a meeting point for the celebration of architecture in all its facets.

Nidus architecturegallery title
Group 2 Chapters


Location Dusseldorf, Germany
Size 100 sqm
Year 2021
Status completed + rented
Photography Annika Feuss


The concept of the gallery is to build bridges and show how wide the spectrum of architecture can be and how it affects all of us - architects or not. Everything shown in the gallery should be about architecture in the broadest sense, namely about architecture as a mirror of society, across all scales, as a bridge to other disciplines, as a creator of identity, as an expression of economics and politics - as a contribution to culture.

The gallery is entirely funded by Nidus and is not yield-oriented but rather a place to meet like-minded people and honor the built environment.

The architectural concept of the space was to create a most versatile room whilst at the same time exuding a warmer atmosphere than the classic white cube concept. Thus, the front room is kept as a clean white entrance area with a perfect display towards the busy street making it the perfect opening space for exhibition centrepieces. A long narrow corridor, also kept in a clean white manner connects the entrance area with the rear exhibition room and heart of the gallery. Originally, this room was marked by its numerous entrances to service rooms and alike. To soothe the atmosphere and accentuate the height of the room, it was covered in ceiling heigh drapery matching the matte screed flooring giving it a cosy cocoon-like vibe. If need be, the drapery can be adjusted for individual exhibition concepts.

Related Projects

The Architecture Gallery regularly hosted architecture exhibitions from 2021 - 2023. All exhibitions and events can be found under Experience. In 2024, the concept will be further developed in the Otto Church.

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