Building Structures

An exploration on the beauty of building structures

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Nidus has constantly been experimenting with the idea of transporting the structure of a floorplan into a graphical story: how can a technical composition be transformed into something playful, transporting the essence of an architectural design?

As one of the first steps, Nidus has developed a series of designs deriving from Nidus' built structures: get a new perspective on how to read a building.

Nidus structures bruno lambart
House Bruno Lambart

House Bruno Lambart

More than a reconstruction. The restauration of this 1950’s residential building by Bruno Lambart is the rediscovery of a generation’s thirst for action and optimism manifested in architecture and source of inspiration for multiple projects to follow his example.

Nidus structures brickhouse
Friesland Brickhouse

Friesland Brickhouse

A house originally designed as a farm worker's home, set into the rural vastness and of rough climate conditions of the North Sea that was converted into a cosy holiday refuge.

Nidus structures architecture gallery

Nidus Architecture Gallery 

This small store with a very specific layout was converted into Dusseldorf’s first architecture gallery and became a meeting point for the celebration of architecture in all its facets.

... and many more ...

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