The River Rhine

Photographical Essay by Nikki McClarron

Nidus rhine portrait nikki mcclarron 2

Winter is slowly coming to an end and the first signs of spring are heralding longer days.

While working on our newest and soon to be revealed project, we dive into the extraordinary nature of the river Rhine and its unique colour mood: The constant alternation of flooding and dry periods creates a uniquely dynamic habitat for flora and fauna with a subtle but extraordinary poetry.

Nidus rhine portrait nikki mcclarron 3

These winter images by London-based photographer Nikki McClarron mark the start of a portrait series of the Rhine as it changes with the seasons.

Stay tuned for the summer shots and the first moods of our new project.

Nidus rhine portrait nikki mcclarron 4

"Landscape and nature always play a special role in the design of our houses. We aim to create atmospherical spaces that emerge from the landscape and blend into it."

- Founders Ana + Annelen

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Nidus rhine portrait nikki mcclarron 5

Photographer Nikki McClarron

London-based photographer Nikki McClarron’s images transport you to another world — whether in snow-covered mountains or vast, uninhabited landscapes.

McClarron’s images inspire you to pause and contemplate their beauty. From a capture of poetically-composed water droplets to the stillness of a young Tibetan girl’s gaze, there’s an emphasis on emotion and humanity in each of her images.

Shooting with various formats include 35mm and medium, her tools include a Contax G2 or Nikon F2, to a weighty Mamiya RZ67 that has scaled numerous altitudes for high fashion campaigns such as Jil Sander or sustainable textile brand Norlha.

Nidus rhine portrait nikki mcclarron 7